2015 Rate Schedule

Effective April 14, 2015

$300 One time initiation fee ($150 student)

$250 Yearly dues ($125 student)

$69 Yearly membership ($39 youth) to Soaring Society of America

 LET L-23 Super Blanik rent - $5 per flight

Aero tows - $20 up to 1000' & $8 for each extra 1000í above 1000'

Guest membership - $10 each day, three days per year maximum using your own glider and must be an SSA member. Aero tow rates shown above apply.

For those who canít decide if the sport of soaring is for them or not, an introductory membership is available for $150. You get three instructional flights with a certified flight instructor in the club L-23 Super Blanik to an altitude of 3000í above the airport and your own glider logbook. If you decide to become a full member, $50 will be credited toward your initiation fee.


View the current Brokenstraw Soaring Club Bylaws here.

For more information, contact Bill holder or Sue Wonderling at 814-563-4949 or by email -