Warren Aviation Club

Warren Aviation Club was incorporated in April of 1958 with five founding members and was located at the Warren, PA Airport until it closed in 1970. The club was temporarily displaced to Corry, PA for one winter and now has permanent residence at Brokenstraw Airport. Throughout the years, the club has remained true to the original concept of: "The purpose of the said corporation shall be the education of the organization's members and others in matters pertaining to aviation and benefits of activities connected therewith and the provision of aircraft for use by members of the organization at economical rates."

Our Cessnas
Current aircraft include N20581, a Cessna 172, shown above,
 and our Aeronca 7BCM Champ, N9098C pictured below.

Member initiation is $600.00 and monthly dues are $40.00.
Current rental rate (wet) for the 172 is $93.00 per hobbs hour.
The rental rate (wet) for the Champ is $72.50 per tach hour.

These rates are adjusted periodically when the on field price of Avgas changes.
There is a credit of $20.00 per month applied toward aircraft rental if used in that month.

Monthly meetings are held on the third Sunday of January, March, May, July, September and November and the third Saturday of February, April, June, August, October and December at 9 AM in the club office located at the West end of the T-hangars or the main airport office.

To view the By-Laws Click Here or to view member application Click Here and print out the page.

Pilot POH for N20581 (C-172) Click Here

For more club information contact Sue Wonderling by e-mail.

Current officers are: Sue Wonderling - President, Alan Fuller - Vice President, Bill Holder - Treasurer.